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In the Grasp of Seasons

Detective Veronica Redmond Series – Book II


Detective Veronica Redmond is living her best life in Contigo Island, with the best man of her life, former Special Agent Victor Christophe’. Things are pretty close to perfect, the exception being her fledging private detective agency, which has gotten off to a slow start. So, when Detective Boatman of the St. Louis PD asks her to help resolve the Jonathan Skagel murder case, she reluctantly agrees. After consulting on the highly publicized case two years earlier, she had hoped to put it behind her forever; instead, there are loose ends that have been plaguing her ever since. Perhaps now she could finally tie them up once and for all and drum up business for her agency.


Amid everything Veronica has going on, she receives a strange call about a police officer in a small-town in Tennessee who has been arrested for murder. As Veronica considers taking the case, the caller follows up with a bold and shocking claim….


Pierce McCoy appears to be a good man, but he is haunted by his own demons, including a marriage in shambles and unresolved feelings for his childhood sweetheart. As Veronica gets drawn deeper into Pierce’s case, she finds herself caught between her unexpected emotions and her commitment to follow the breadcrumbs, wherever they may lead. Is someone trying to frame Pierce, or is he not as innocent as he seems? Veronica had always prided herself on her razor-sharp instincts, but now she realizes it’s much harder to separate facts from emotions when the suspect is one of your own.     



In the Grasp of Seasons- Book II- HARDBACK

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