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High-level executive Tanya L Jameson has it all…almost.  Brilliant and beautiful, she has climbed the ranks of the prestigious law firm Brookes Brothers to become VP of their St. Louis branch. She has a killer wardrobe and a lovely home. The only thing that’s missing from her life is the perfect man. When she meets Jonathan Skagel, the firm’s handsome and charming Financial Director, she feels like her dream has finally come true. But Jonathan is living a dangerous double life, and when he turns up dead Tanya finds herself caught up in the web of lies he left behind. When she is arrested as a person of interest in his murder, she enlists the help of her former childhood friend, Detective Veronica Redmond. As Veronica works to unravel their complicated and volatile relationship, it seems all roads lead back to Tanya. Is she still the sweet girl Veronica knew in school, or has she become a cold-hearted killer?  Spanning from Chicago, to St. Louis, to idyllic Contigo Island off the coast of Georgia, The Other Side of a Murder is full of twists and turns that will leave you guessing until the last page.

The Other Side of a Murder - HARDCOVER

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